Monday, July 28, 2008

Rebranding the Tidal Wave

I've noticed while working with my swim team that there are a few different logos that the team uses... I counted a total of three. First you have the t-shirt design, then you have the car magnet design, and last you have the design on the banner. This needs to change, and in order to find a better team identity, I think one logo will work. I'm calling for brand new t-shirts, brand new caps, brand new EVERYTHING. We're the Virginia Hills Tidal Wave, and our colors are yellow and blue. However, I think for a logo package to really hit home, there needs to be a third color. Right now, I'm thinking red, but we'll have to see what comes of it. I'm working on it as we speak and hope to be done in the next few weeks. Once a rough design has been worked out, I'll see if we can get it cleaned up and maybe I'll upload something as soon as a rough sketch has been made. I'll keep you updated.

Another thing I want to mention on Virginia Hills -- I was SO proud of everyone at Divisionals. So many signs that the young ones on this team are ready to jump up and take control of this team. I think people are tired of being mediocre and are ready to assume control of this swim team. Go for it guys!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Estrada DFA'ed

That's right, Washington's fourth catcher has been designated for assignment! And what a jerk way to go out too... ungrateful for the chances that the Nats gave him. But I am still wondering why he was signed (and Lo Duca as well) when Flores and Nieves are both very capable catchers. This team really has been making some ridiculous moves lately. Maybe we can see the rebuilding process. Maybe someone had a talk with Jim Bowden. Whatever it is, the rebuilding process, this Plan that has been talked about so much, is starting to make some sense.

You can read more analysis on

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Near Death Experience Prompts Blog Name Change?

Well last night was going to be a routine night... campout at Virginia Hills for the swim team. But things went horribly awry when water polo started. I was walking across the bottom of the pool to try and move around on defense... and I slipped and cut my toe on something... be it a rock or some tile, we do not know. This caused me quite a bit of pain, and I used some colorful language. Brought myself to the edge of the pool when I noticed it was bleeding quite profusely. So I went up to the side of the pool and sat down to see if it had stopped, and I realized that about three toes were now SOAKED in blood. Off to the guard shack when I didn't think it was that big of a problem. But then my queasiness kicked in and I was put on a bench where they took good care of me. An EXCELLENT job by board members, the lifeguard, and the parents who were there. Very quick reacting to call my dad and get him up to the pool to bring me home. When he got there he said we were going to have to go to the hospital. So we went into the car, and went home first so we could grab my health insurance card. When I was changing out of my wet swimsuit I bumped my toe on a snowglobe that was on the ground... and guess what... it started bleeding again. So I applied the pressure and we called for an appointment at Falls Church. Drove out there and checked in (via wheelchair!) and waited in the waiting room for a bit - then went in to the doc's office. He unwrapped it and took a look and then re-wrapped it, while stating I would probably need some stitches. So I got a bit worried knowing my history with blood and medical procedures! Then it was off into the "procedure room" where he cleaned the wound and let me wait for the nurses to come in with the stitches. Got the novocaine shots (which hurt a LOT!!!) and then got the stitches which I didn't feel. After that it was bandaged and then I was off. Quite the exciting night.

Then today I was thinking of blogging about the injury and remembered that I am considering a name change. Or maybe a second blog, one having to do with just the Nationals themselves. We'll see what comes of it. Could it be Nattily Attired? Or something else?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dukes Hurt, Nats Lose Again

Left fielder Elijah Dukes injured... a strained patella as announced by Carpenter and Sutton on MASN this evening... thus begins the daily report...

One thing that I can not stand for is when athletes do not hustle. I can understand when athletes get injured, but when they don't try and just don't even show that they care is absolutely ridiculous. I see it all the time, and it's not just with the Nationals. When swimmers on my swim team show that they just don't care about the sport, their individual performances, it brings me down. What that tells me is that it doesn't even matter what I do, what I say to these swimmers, that they won't respond. I don't care if you're not the best, but if you are at least trying to get better, or trying to care, that is what I notice. And, it will translate to the meet results. Times will drop, and that's everyone's goal.

On the other hand, concerning the Nats, I noticed that in the bottom of the 9th in tonight's affair in Cincinnati, Willie Harris showed a lot of hustle. He played the ball well and fired a great throw to Jesus Flores. Unfortunately Flores could not handle the ball and the Reds won.

Anyway, the Ice Cream Social is scheduled for tomorrow evening, and I'd love to address the team on these concerns. It will all depend on certain factors, especially how many people show up.

On a different note about the blog, I'm considering a name change. It would come with a launch of a new link. This blog would become more of a personal blog, and the new blog would be completely Nationals. There are a few names that I'm considering, and we'll see if it happens. Name suggestions in the comments box would be greatly appreciated.

Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm Not Waiting Anymore

Normally, after I watch a game, I wait until I see Manny Acta's comments to make some reaction statements. However, today I feel as though I shouldn't.

This has gotten just ridiculous. NO runs scored. Scoring opportunities were thrown out. Here's what I think is wrong with this team. That is, here is what I would do if I were Jim Bowden. I know there's been a few of these posts already, but why not throw it down from a different slant? A different blogger, maybe some different thoughts.

LF: Keep Dukes exactly where he is. I like what this kid has, and I really wanted to see what he would have done had Guzman gotten on base in the top of the 9th.
CF: Get Bernadina out of there and make Willie Harris your everyday center-fielder. Harris has experience and can actually hit the broad side of a barn. Of course, when Lastings Milledge returns, he goes into center field.
RF: Continue using Austin Kearns. He has to be one of the best right fielders in the game. Sure, his hitting this year has been subpar, but the guy just got off the DL, so maybe he will improve as his health gets better.

1B: It's gotta be Dmitri Young. He's been batting really well this year (2 for 2 today!). Yeah, you can question his defense, but you'll see why I put Young here at first and not Boone. I'd put Nick Johnson in here, but since he is unlucky and hurt yet again, I can't. However, when Zimmerman returns at third, platoon Young and Boone.
2B: Bench or trade Lopez. I'm sorry but when you go three for your last thirty-four (.088), that's not good enough for me. I'm putting Belliard in at second because he actually contributes something to the offense.  This is why Young is at first and not Boone, because Boone is more versatile and can play third.
SS: Guzman. No question.
3B: Boone for now, but when Zimmerman returns, you platoon Boone and Young at first so there is some competition.

I like the starting rotation as is. However, when Shawn Hill can return from the disabled list, I'd like to see someone go in favor of Collin Balester. My choice is Odalis Perez, because I'm concerned about how long he can keep up this very good season. His history has been shaky but I'd like to keep him around in case one of the other starters falters.
The relief pitching I really do hope gets better once Ryan Wagner returns to the bullpen. Not having Chad Cordero is a huge loss, but I hope Wagner can provide some stability. When Wagner comes back, I'm sending Ayala or Colome to the minors so they can get a wake-up call. I like what Rivera has been doing, I like this Shell guy, and Rauch has been a strong point.

Well, there you have it. Comment away. My FULL Tim Redding interview will be up on Monday, what with the day off and such.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bullpen Blunders

Sorry if this blog does not seem very coherent - my thoughts are all over the place. So it'll be tough to get everything all together. With that, here's today's entry...

It seems as though every starting pitcher has given us the chance to win a game, but the bullpen just isn't doing it. The announcement of reliever Chad Cordero being DONE for the season is a huge dagger. It weighs on the rest of the bullpen. Today the job fell to Jesus Colome to keep the Nats in the game. But a huge error (that was MISTAKENLY charged to Dmitri Young) made the Nats lose it. They were tied and had a chance, but Colome let it go by the wayside. Loading up the bases with one out is no way to keep this game close.

One thing I noticed in watching this game - the offense looked okay. Better than it has been in the past couple weeks. Austin Kearns is back! And he got a hit, which brought in a run! Goodbyes were said to Kory Casto, who has not been performing lately, so we'll see what he does in AAA ball. What is with this Bernadina guy? Batting under .100, but I suppose we should give him some time. After all, Elijah Dukes started out the same way. Hopefully Lastings Milledge will make a speedy recovery.

By the way, my interview with Tim Redding is now up on DCSportsFan!!! Take a look at the link on the right bar there. PLEASE take a look at it -- the full interview will appear here shortly on the blog. Haven't decided when, but most likely about the time that the next ESPN Zone appearance will take place. That's July 9th at noon, and the player has not been announced yet.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Few Moments with Tim Redding, Pt. 1

Well, part one of the article will soon be posted at You can take a look at the link on the right in one of the sidebars! That part of the article is going to be up, then in the next couple of days, I will work on the other part. Then, sometime in the near future, I'll post the transcript IN FULL! The next ESPN Zone appearance is July 9th, which is one week from tomorrow. Not sure who is going to be there, but I do hope that I'll be able to make it and grab another interview.

I wonder if and when the Nats will trade Felipe Lopez. Might help, but then again, I'm not actually sure. Collin Balester has been called up! We'll see how he does tonight. Hope for a recap afterwards. 

Well, my swim team is 1-1, having lost one at the beginning of the season, but then defeating Pinewood Lake to give us our first win in over two years. But we did it. Something else that is really making me proud of the job us coaches have been doing -- just about 100% of the swimmers who show their faces to practice every day have been dropping time throughout the season. Something that tells people -- go to practice and you WILL get better. This weekend we get to face Hollin Hills, at their pool.

Also, one more thing. PLEASE feel free to email me, comment on my blog, etc. I really want suggestions on how I can improve this thing.