Friday, April 4, 2008

We Have Had the Onion Snow

Well this is it folks. A bit of light snow mixing in with the rain today that I believe was the onion snow. Therefore, we can officially say it is over and move on to spring! Although today didn't feel much like a spring day, tomorrow should be better... 60s possibly? Maybe close to 70? Either way I'm hoping for no rain on Saturday when I tour the ballpark.

And speaking of baseball, this summer may bring this local 3-1 baseball team a little bit closer to me. Details on that if it actually pans out. I'll keep you posted as always. We'll watch them face the Cardinals in St. Louis tomorrow night at 8:15.

Oh and another thing: the Sabres missed the playoffs, forcing me to cover up the Sabres logo that adorns the wall with a message that reads: SOME REAL HOCKEY TEAM THAT IS NOT A JOKE AND HAS A GOOD LOGO. Tomorrow I plan on changing it to just a black background, in mourning of this terrible season. Maybe next year.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Big Plans for the Swim Team

Well now that it's April, it means that next year is the start of the swim season for the NVSL and my team the Virginia Hills Tidal Wave! I'm assistant coach, and there's a lot of things I want to see implemented this year. They'll have to be run by our great new head coach who is also excited to start. Some of the things I want to see from this season include:

- New logo

- Return to tradition

- VH Newsletter

- Increase in team identity, sportsmanship, cheering

I'm working on the new logo and have some design ideas in my head that I want to see happen, and I think that a new logo thats better than the current "designer" wave would definitely help. I have yet to come up with any ideas on paper and have rejected my own design that I made last summer.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Hibernation Has Ended

Well, I've come out of hibernation from this blog, having written nothing since March 9th. A lot has happened in that time period, with two emotional breakdowns and all. But I swear I'm a new person, and basically it's been a few people who have brought me back up when I've been down, and I thank them profusely.

So, the Nats are 2-0!!! I know it is very early in the season, but it's exciting to see your team on top, especially considering how poorly the Sabres have done this year, with a late season collapse to keep them just out of playoff reach (although I still have some hopes that they can grab 7th or 8th). The stadium is amazing, and so beautiful. So many food options and it's just great to see a ballpark that really opens itself to DC fans. Speaking of which, my review can be found on You might have to look around a bit but thanks to Brian for the edits.

And now I just realized when my cursor isn't in the body text, and I press Enter, it publishes the post. So that explains the half-post for a bit.

Also, I believe that winter is now over, so that should be declared once and for all, and it's good that it is over, because I was getting tired of cold and no snow. I believe that when it's cold it has to be snowing to be enjoyable. So we are warm now, and it's a beautiful day, so I have my window open and I'm waiting for the 7:05 start for my undefeated Nats to take on the winless Phillies. Should be interesting!

And today is when I start to tag my post with labels... it's something new I'm trying out to keep some of the posts organized. So now I will start to label all the old posts and we'll see how that goes.