Thursday, September 11, 2008

Live in Just over TEN MINUTES!

Folks, Brian Kapur and I will be going on the air in just about ten minutes. Please listen in, today and every Thursday at five... here's a simple phrase to remember it by... Live at Five! Here's your link guys:

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Sean Hogan said...

Kenny-At the end of the series I’m currently running over at DCSportsPlus (sometime this Friday…my name will link you over there), I’ll post my prediction for the opening day 25 man roster, including offsesaon acquisitions, callups, etc. I’d like for all other bloggers, commenters, readers and fans of the Natmosphere (and anyone else, for that matter) to do that as well. I’ll tabulate everything and post it up and we’ll give bragging rights to the winner. Feel free to have any Nats fan you know post there (or email me) their predictions-the more the merrier!