Tuesday, September 2, 2008

5 pm Tue: Hanna Update

Okay it's a bit after the 5pm advisory, but now all the graphics have been updated by the Weather Channel. We still don't know exactly the full effects of this storm. Look at how wide the cone is. By Saturday afternoon, it could either be in the Ohio Valley weakened because of how much time it has spent over land, east of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, or somewhere in between. What a spread. It should start heading to the northwest sometime today, and that should mean a better forecast confidence. My guess is a hit in South Carolina... that means right down the center of the cone... but the reason I'm saying that is because I've looked at the models, and it appears to be heading in that direction. I think it then goes through North Carolina and rips right through the center of Virginia. As for effects on us... it's too early to tell. But if history continues to be an example, it could be pretty decent. I'll keep everyone posted, and will have an update later this evening... probably after the 8 and/or 11 pm advisories.

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